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We provide compassionate and experienced pain management, rehabilitation, and conditioning therapies for pets of all ages and activity levels.   Let’s work together to keep your pet moving the right way.

We provide in-clinic treatment options for small animal companions on the WESTERN SLOPE!   Come see us!!!

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  • As our aging Golden Doodle Lexi began to exhibit mobility issues our primary vet referred us to Dr Tracie. For over a year now Lexi has been receiving laser and acupuncture treatments. Before we started, Lexi was having so much difficulty with stairs that I purchased a harness system to assist. Since Tracie’s treatments Lexi has no issues navigating the stairs plus is always excited for our 1 ½ mile daily walks. I am a true believer.

    - Brian Hamilton
    Brian Hamilton
  • Dr. Grubb is one of a kind. We can’t give enough accolades for the special treatment and care she provided our sweet girl when she was very sick. While it was devastating to see our dog so sick, Dr. Grubb allowed for her to live comfortably and enjoy her final days with us. We cannot thank her enough for helping us and most importantly our sweet Marissa Mae.

    Marissa Mae

    - Stephanie Kamlet
  • My senior Shiba Inu, Roger, goes to Dr. Grubb for laser and acupuncture treatments for osteoarthritis and elbow dysphasia. Dr. Grubb is so kind and works so well with my cranky Shiba. The therapy really helps him a lot and give him a better quality of life. I am not looking forward to it, but I know that Dr. Grubb will be with us until the end and will make it a lot easier. I think she is the best.

    - Janice Jensen
    Janice Jensen
  • Our beautiful and beloved little cat, TigerLily, was having lots of trouble moving around and was having significant pain due to several compromised discs in her spine. Our vet recommended Dr. Grubb for acupuncture, therapeutic laser, and massage as surgery was not an option for her.

    What an incredible experience! The difference in mobility and attitude were so wonderful to see. TigerLily loved her treatments and having Dr. Grubb come to our house was a huge blessing. We didn’t have to stress TigerLily out with loading in a crate, traveling, etc. She would get up on to the ottoman in the living room, lie down, and wait for the relief to begin.

    Dr. Grubb made the last few months of TigerLily’s all-too-short life so much more comfortable. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Grubb for her care, grace, and empathy at a time when we needed it most.

    Thanks Dr. Tracie!!

    - Ann Nemeth
    Ann Nemeth
  • I first met Dr. Tracie Grubb in January of 2016. She came into my life after I was finally able to read the writing on the wall, that my beloved Golden Retriever, Otis, had reached the end of his journey here on earth. Understanding this, and what I needed to do, was the most difficult thing I had ever done. I had been searching around for a veterinarian who did in home euthanasia, but had not found anyone who felt just right. I was then given Dr. Grubb’s name by one of the Vets who had attended to Otis. I spoke with her on the phone and decided right then that she was the one. On the day that he was to sprout his angel wings we had food, music, and celebrations for Otis’ wonderful, loving life. Eventually, I had to let him go. I can’t imagine doing this without the assistance of Dr. Grubb. She is compassionate, patient, kind, gentle, and handled Otis with the utmost respect and reverence. She understood how much he meant to me.

    Yet, I still had two other dogs in my household, both of them getting up there in years. Eventually, Tonka, my Husky, started having problems with her hind legs. She couldn’t get up on her own and I was beset with another dilemma about whether or not it was time. In this case, Dr. Grubb came to my house to do in home rehabilitation on Tonka. She showed me how to get her up with a harness and exercises to do to get her walking on her own again. She also treated Tonka with laser and acupuncture. Tonka was able to get up on her own again, to walk outside, and to eventually, bound back inside. She actually became playful again. Dr. Grubb’s rehab was so important to Tonka’s quality of life. In September of 2018, Tonka had a setback that would have been very hard to recover from. So, I called Dr. Grubb. Once again, she came and gave Tonka the best ending to her life that I could imagine.

    She has also been here to treat my little Pomeranian with laser and acupuncture. This little girl is geriatric as well and I know that her days are numbered. I would only use Dr. Grubb to help her on her way. Dr. Grubb is beyond amazing. I highly recommend her for in home euthanasia as well as her amazing rehabilitation work with dogs. Thank you, Dr. Grubb!

    - Jody Waltemeyer
    Jody Waltemeyer
  • I have known Dr. Grubb for over five years and can’t say enough about her as a veterinarian and for the services she provides. We first met when she came to my house to perform acupuncture on my two dogs. Her kindness and caring for the dogs immediately made them trust her completely.

    I also recommend Dr. Grubb when you have to have your pet euthanized. Dr. Grubb came to my home when I had my two dogs put down (3 months apart). Both dogs knew Dr. Grubb and were comfortable with her. Although it was very sad to have this done, it was also beautiful. The dogs were both old (12 and 16), and they both showed us it was their time to move on. They both passed peacefully. Dr. Grubb handled everything, which helped me immensely.

    Again, I would highly recommend Dr. Grubb for any service your pet may require.

    - Pat Pitkin
    Pat Pitkin
  • Dr. Tracie helped my girl Casey several times. Casey injured her front leg and Dr. Tracie used the class IV laser on her. It helped quite a bit and Dr. Tracie was very good with Casey. Casey was happy to visit ! No stress.

    - Angela Ericson
  • The professionalism, thoroughness and thoughtfulness that you will experience during a session with Dr. Grubb will surpass your expectations! She put my pet at ease (and me, too), and went through exercises, etc. that were specific for my dog’s needs…. AND then followed this up by sending me an easy to follow program which I could print out and have handy when working with my dog at home. Ideal.

    - Barbara Peterson
  • Maggie, my Sheltie, received acupuncture and laser treatments for approximately 18 months. Dr. Tracie provided these treatments with great love and compassion for Maggie’s health. Maggie, being a Sheltie, did have personality traits that Dr. Tracie was able to deal with and still give her comfort. The results that I could witness also gave me great comfort. I will always feel that the benefits received extended Maggie’s life for a year because she was in less pain. Every dog owner should have Dr. Tracie Grubb in their lives.

    - Betty Graebner
  • Doctor Grubb (Tracie) was absolutely awesome with our lab, Dally, after her double ACL surgery. They were both broken, and we had them repaired in the same surgery. Tracie evaluated Dally before the surgery for the harness she would need when she came home. When we got her home, we knew in advance the treatment Tracie wanted us to start with. In just a few days, Tracie came to us and worked with Dally to make sure we were on the right track. She provided us with exercises and a timetable. When Dally was ready, she started visiting Tracie at her facility. Within 8 weeks, Dally was almost back to normal, walking without the harness, 16 weeks taking short walks in the neighborhood. At 20 weeks, she was back in the field bird hunting with a check cord. After 7 months she was full on hunting. We were completely satisfied with the treatment Dally received!!! We’d recommend Dr. Tracie to anyone!

    - Jimme Diede
  • Besides aiding our pets with normal health issues and routine check ups, when the time came say good-bye to our loving pets, Dr. Grubb’s petside manner was extraordinary. Anyone who has been in our position knows the emotional strain and heartache in having to make such a decision. The fact that Dr. Grubb came to our home so that we would not have to go a clinic to see happy, healthy pets coming and going with their owners knowing full well that we would be leaving alone was a tremendous stress reliever. There is no doubt in our minds that our pets passing was as peaceful and as comfortable for them as possible because of the kind and compassionate handling by Dr. Grubb.

    - James Lattanzio
  • I was referred to Dr. Grubb when my regular vet had to close for a couple of weeks due to a COVID-19 case, and she was great!   She got us in pretty quickly, which was great because my little old man needs acupuncture and laser therapy for his arthritis.   Dr. Grubb is very friendly and caring.   By the second appointment, my guy, Scrappy, had warmed right up to her and the location.   We would recommend Dr. Grubb to anyone looking for an acupuncturist and/or laser therapist for their furry friend!    Kim A


    - Kim Apostol
    Kim Apostol
  • We were lucky enough to know Dr Grubb from years ago when she worked at our Vets office. So when she was recommended by our current vet (who was moving) to continue our acupuncture treatments I was of course thrilled I knew her and gave her a call. I must start by saying that not only did she help my 14 year old Aussie, but also helped me to deal with his aging and limits his old body was experiencing. I firmly believe that the treatments helped him to keep moving for as long as he did. She was also there for us in the end and came to the house so we could say goodbye in his favorite spot outside on the porch. He was able to go to sleep one more time with no pain and with peaceful dignity. I will forever be grateful for her expertise, her caring manner, and of course her friendship with my best friend.

    - Kimberly Chrisman
  • Dr. Grubb started treating my 15yr old Golden Retriever, Chloe, for some mobility issues. Upon our initial meeting, Dr. Grubb did a thorough assessment and made some recommendations. Chloe was immediately very comfortable with her. The acupuncture and laser treatments made Chloe feel so much better! Dr. Grubb is extremely responsive and timely and was able to answer any questions I had. She made me feel confident as a pet parent. Several months after treatments started for Chloe we got a sad and scary cancer diagnosis. Dr. Grubb was able to modify Chloe’s treatment plan to make her comfortable for her remaining time.

    Dr. Grubb also started acupuncture treatments on my 13yr old Golden Retriever, Ava. Ava also got a cancer diagnosis and the acupuncture treatments are keeping her comfortable and upbeat. Ava gets so excited – she barks and does a happy dance and gets in position for her acupuncture treatment. Dr. Grubb is so kind, caring and makes a true connection with your animal! If you are wondering if any of these therapies are “worth it” or “work” – the answer is YES!

    - Marissa Knight
  • A few years ago, my beloved dog Atlas struggled to stand up. He was 10 and his arthritis and hip dysplasia took its toll and in the process of finding a treatment plan for him, his back legs gave out. The need to make major changes was immediate and Dr. Grubb played an instrumental part in his recovery (and now provides regular treatments).

    Dr. Grubb designed a rehab plan for Atlas that focused on building strength in his legs and hips. Each visit to her gym presented a new obstacle course so that Atlas was challenged mentally and physically. Boredom never set it. We worked on exercises at home. He started going on walks again and within a couple of months, he was the “get-up-and-go” dog, taking in two walks a day.

    Atlas is not an easy dog to work with, but Dr. Grubb is patient with him and reads him really well. She won him over and now he is always happy to see her. Three years later, his rehab program has migrated into a maintenance plan focusing on massage and laser therapy. The value we get out of each treatment is immeasurable. The improvement in the condition of my dog today is nothing short of a gift.

    Dr. Grubb is adept at customizing rehab plans for dogs and cats and takes care to do what is best for each furry loved one. She loves what she does and I can’t think of anyone better to partner with than Dr. Grubb.

    - Noelle Botti
    Noelle Botti
  • Compassionate and loving are just two of Dr. Grubb’s outstanding characteristics. She uses cutting edge technology to bring the best possible care to her patients. Jack was blessed to have her as a care giver. She made the last year of his life a good one. You could actually see him improve after her treatments. By caring for him at home, he was not stressed by having to go to a clinic. I will be forever grateful for her kindness and care. Jack was very beloved. I wanted the best for him. Dr. Grubb is the best.

    - Peg McIntosh
  • Dr. Tracie Grubb saved our dog! She is gentle, knowledgeable and empathetic. Our dog, Cooper, suffered paralysis of both back legs in early 2017.  Dr. Tracie showed us he can continue a happy, fully functioning, comfortable life. She took the time to teach us how to best support our dog’s challenges. She now offers laser therapy and acupuncture treatments to alleviate any pain Cooper may experience to his upper body. I highly recommend Dr. Tracie!

    - Teresa Hornbuckle & Trevor Gallegos