Poop Patrol… Going the Distance for the Love of Dog

Please go the distance when picking up after your pet.   You did the heavy lifting when you brought the bag and scooped up the noxious excrement that oozed from your pup’s hind end.   That is a tremendous feat!!! Hooray for you!   Maybe a parade is in order! But why stop there?  Why leave that perfectly […]

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“My vet told me that he doesn’t want me to feed Fluffy a grain-free diet.” “My neighbor told me that when she used a GRAIN-FREE diet, her dog’s allergies improved. “ “There is a cute, new neighborhood pet supply store that has the best treats and food!   I don’t know if they’re grain-free or […]

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Home Modifications for Dogs with Vision Issues

The following article was produced by Canine Rehab Systems.   Authorization for use of this article was granted by the authors.   The following home modifications can be used for those dogs dealing with vision issues to help them to better function in their homes: Make sure to fence off potential hazards, such as stairs […]

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