THIS DOES NOT SUBSTITUTE CONTACTING YOUR VETERINARIAN. If your pet is vomiting, call your veterinarian immediately. If your pet is not improving, call your veterinarian immediately. Cats should not go >24 hours without eating.    Call your veterinarian immediately.   Ingredients may consist of one or more items. Ideally, try to mix protein and starch […]

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What Does Rehab Look Like for my Dog?

WHAT DOES REHAB LOOK LIKE FOR MY DOG? Tracie Grubb, DVM, CCRT, cVMA HAVE YOU EVER HAD YOUR OWN PHYSICAL THERAPY? If you are lucky, you have never had surgery or a serious injury warranting physical therapy.  But, let’s be real… most of us have had one or both. If you injure your back, knee, […]

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