Ann Nemeth

Our beautiful and beloved little cat, TigerLily, was having lots of trouble moving around and was having significant pain due to several compromised discs in her spine. Our vet recommended Dr. Grubb for acupuncture, therapeutic laser, and massage as surgery was not an option for her.

What an incredible experience! The difference in mobility and attitude were so wonderful to see. TigerLily loved her treatments and having Dr. Grubb come to our house was a huge blessing. We didn’t have to stress TigerLily out with loading in a crate, traveling, etc. She would get up on to the ottoman in the living room, lie down, and wait for the relief to begin.

Dr. Grubb made the last few months of TigerLily’s all-too-short life so much more comfortable. We will be forever grateful to Dr. Grubb for her care, grace, and empathy at a time when we needed it most.

Thanks Dr. Tracie!!