Jimme Diede

Doctor Grubb (Tracie) was absolutely awesome with our lab, Dally, after her double ACL surgery. They were both broken, and we had them repaired in the same surgery. Tracie evaluated Dally before the surgery for the harness she would need when she came home. When we got her home, we knew in advance the treatment Tracie wanted us to start with. In just a few days, Tracie came to us and worked with Dally to make sure we were on the right track. She provided us with exercises and a timetable. When Dally was ready, she started visiting Tracie at her facility. Within 8 weeks, Dally was almost back to normal, walking without the harness, 16 weeks taking short walks in the neighborhood. At 20 weeks, she was back in the field bird hunting with a check cord. After 7 months she was full on hunting. We were completely satisfied with the treatment Dally received!!! We’d recommend Dr. Tracie to anyone!