Jody Waltemeyer

I first met Dr. Tracie Grubb in January of 2016. She came into my life after I was finally able to read the writing on the wall, that my beloved Golden Retriever, Otis, had reached the end of his journey here on earth. Understanding this, and what I needed to do, was the most difficult thing I had ever done. I had been searching around for a veterinarian who did in home euthanasia, but had not found anyone who felt just right. I was then given Dr. Grubb’s name by one of the Vets who had attended to Otis. I spoke with her on the phone and decided right then that she was the one. On the day that he was to sprout his angel wings we had food, music, and celebrations for Otis’ wonderful, loving life. Eventually, I had to let him go. I can’t imagine doing this without the assistance of Dr. Grubb. She is compassionate, patient, kind, gentle, and handled Otis with the utmost respect and reverence. She understood how much he meant to me.

Yet, I still had two other dogs in my household, both of them getting up there in years. Eventually, Tonka, my Husky, started having problems with her hind legs. She couldn’t get up on her own and I was beset with another dilemma about whether or not it was time. In this case, Dr. Grubb came to my house to do in home rehabilitation on Tonka. She showed me how to get her up with a harness and exercises to do to get her walking on her own again. She also treated Tonka with laser and acupuncture. Tonka was able to get up on her own again, to walk outside, and to eventually, bound back inside. She actually became playful again. Dr. Grubb’s rehab was so important to Tonka’s quality of life. In September of 2018, Tonka had a setback that would have been very hard to recover from. So, I called Dr. Grubb. Once again, she came and gave Tonka the best ending to her life that I could imagine.

She has also been here to treat my little Pomeranian with laser and acupuncture. This little girl is geriatric as well and I know that her days are numbered. I would only use Dr. Grubb to help her on her way. Dr. Grubb is beyond amazing. I highly recommend her for in home euthanasia as well as her amazing rehabilitation work with dogs. Thank you, Dr. Grubb!