Marissa Knight

Dr. Grubb started treating my 15yr old Golden Retriever, Chloe, for some mobility issues. Upon our initial meeting, Dr. Grubb did a thorough assessment and made some recommendations. Chloe was immediately very comfortable with her. The acupuncture and laser treatments made Chloe feel so much better! Dr. Grubb is extremely responsive and timely and was able to answer any questions I had. She made me feel confident as a pet parent. Several months after treatments started for Chloe we got a sad and scary cancer diagnosis. Dr. Grubb was able to modify Chloe’s treatment plan to make her comfortable for her remaining time.

Dr. Grubb also started acupuncture treatments on my 13yr old Golden Retriever, Ava. Ava also got a cancer diagnosis and the acupuncture treatments are keeping her comfortable and upbeat. Ava gets so excited – she barks and does a happy dance and gets in position for her acupuncture treatment. Dr. Grubb is so kind, caring and makes a true connection with your animal! If you are wondering if any of these therapies are “worth it” or “work” – the answer is YES!