Noelle Botti

A few years ago, my beloved dog Atlas struggled to stand up. He was 10 and his arthritis and hip dysplasia took its toll and in the process of finding a treatment plan for him, his back legs gave out. The need to make major changes was immediate and Dr. Grubb played an instrumental part in his recovery (and now provides regular treatments).

Dr. Grubb designed a rehab plan for Atlas that focused on building strength in his legs and hips. Each visit to her gym presented a new obstacle course so that Atlas was challenged mentally and physically. Boredom never set it. We worked on exercises at home. He started going on walks again and within a couple of months, he was the “get-up-and-go” dog, taking in two walks a day.

Atlas is not an easy dog to work with, but Dr. Grubb is patient with him and reads him really well. She won him over and now he is always happy to see her. Three years later, his rehab program has migrated into a maintenance plan focusing on massage and laser therapy. The value we get out of each treatment is immeasurable. The improvement in the condition of my dog today is nothing short of a gift.

Dr. Grubb is adept at customizing rehab plans for dogs and cats and takes care to do what is best for each furry loved one. She loves what she does and I can’t think of anyone better to partner with than Dr. Grubb.