Pat Pitkin

I have known Dr. Grubb for over five years and can’t say enough about her as a veterinarian and for the services she provides. We first met when she came to my house to perform acupuncture on my two dogs. Her kindness and caring for the dogs immediately made them trust her completely.

I also recommend Dr. Grubb when you have to have your pet euthanized. Dr. Grubb came to my home when I had my two dogs put down (3 months apart). Both dogs knew Dr. Grubb and were comfortable with her. Although it was very sad to have this done, it was also beautiful. The dogs were both old (12 and 16), and they both showed us it was their time to move on. They both passed peacefully. Dr. Grubb handled everything, which helped me immensely.

Again, I would highly recommend Dr. Grubb for any service your pet may require.