Veterinary Medical Manipulation

Veterinary Medical Manipulation (VMM)

by Jennifer Tucci, DVM

What is VMM?

Veterinary Medical Manipulation (VMM) is a manual therapy that uses motion palpation to find joint restrictions and alleviates them using quick and controlled joint adjustments.  Correcting these joint restrictions restores normal range of motion, relaxes the muscles and relieves pain of a restricted joint.  This improves circulation, neurologic function, and immune system performance.


Is VMM a chiropractic adjustment?

VMM is essentially chiropractic care for your pets.  The reason it cannot be called as such is because a specially-trained veterinarian, rather than a chiropractor, is the one performing the adjustment.   When chiropractic techniques are  applied to animals, it is correctly called VMM.


Who should have VMM?

  1. Pets with arthritis or other orthopedic disease
  2. Pets with neurologic disease, prone to weakness or stumbling
  3. Pets with back, neck, leg or jaw pain
  4. Canine athletes, working dogs, and show dogs benefit from improvements in posture and agility
  5. Any pet!  To maintain health and fitness, VMM catches and treats abnormalities before they become injuries.