Your Dog’s Life at Home – Part 1 of 4 (Flooring)

By Tracie Grubb, DVM, CCRT, cVMA

What daily challenges does your pet face at home?   This may seem trivial, but to your beloved pet,  it can mean engaging with the family or sitting alone in a room.   If they cannot get from one room to another safely, they will avoid leaving their place of safety; even at the risk of not being with their favorite people.

This 4-part blog series will cover some common problems your pet may experience at home.   I will briefly cover flooring, stairs and slippery floors, access to furniture, and ramps vs stairs.    I welcome feedback and questions and hope you enjoy the new blog.

If you have suggestions for other rehab-based articles, I’m happy to do the research and/or share my knowledge to help your pet gain the freedom of mobility for a happier life.


Animals walk best on areas with traction or with an ability to “grip” the surface.


  • Carpet
  • Rubber flooring
  • Yoga Mats
  • Non-skid rugs/mats
  • Grass


  • Tile
  • Hardwood
  • Stairs
  • Linoleum



Create a non-skid path for your pet to follow from one room to another to enable them to socialize with you.

Product suggestions:

Yoga mats by the roll:    (1/8” thickness recommended and 24” width)


THE REHAB VETS. Your Pet’s Prescription for Mobility.