Your Dog’s Life at Home: Part 3 of 4 (Access to Furniture)

How to Help Your Pet Access Furniture Safely

Written by:  Tracie Grubb, DVM, CCRT, cVMA


Animals permitted to be on the furniture may injure themselves or simply not enjoy their favorite napping spot if they can not successfully make the leap to the couch or chair.

What can you do?  Stairs can be a great tool to allow your pet to safely navigate frustrating furniture dilemmas at home.  Here are some TIPS to help make life easier for you and your pet.


  • Stairs that are wide and deep
  • Stairs that do not slide on the floor
  • Stairs that are made of sturdy material and will support the weight of your pet.


  • Narrow
  • Shallow
  • Lightweight
  • Foam and/or cloth-covered products



  1. Steps/stairs to the furniture will reduce the need to jump and allow your pet access t their favorite locations.
  2. Large dogs may only require 2 steps; smaller dogs and cats may require 3 to 5 steps to reduce the rise.
  3. This absolutely REQUIRES training and supervision but is well worth the effort to make it work.   Your dog may try to jump over the steps.   Always use a leash/collar to guide them up and down every single time they use the steps while they get the hang of it.   Don’t trust them on their own until you are certain they are using them correctly.  Block off access to furniture until you can work with them.

Pet Gear Easy Steps™

  • These come in a variety of sizes and configurations
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to find online and in stores
  • Stable, but can slip on tile, hardwood, etc… Use a yoga mat or other non-slid mat underneath to stabilize.