Pet Peeves: The Retractable Leash

Pet Peeves:  The Retractable Leash by Tracie Grubb, DVM, CCRT, cVMA We assume so much responsibility when we become a pet family.   It’s our job to keep our pets healthy, happy, and safe as we would any other family member.   Retractable leashes do not help to meet this goal.  Most dogs love their daily walks.  […]

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What Does Rehab Look Like for my Dog?

WHAT DOES REHAB LOOK LIKE FOR MY DOG? Tracie Grubb, DVM, CCRT, cVMA HAVE YOU EVER HAD YOUR OWN PHYSICAL THERAPY? If you are lucky, you have never had surgery or a serious injury warranting physical therapy.  But, let’s be real… most of us have had one or both. If you injure your back, knee, […]

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