Home Modifications for Dogs with Vision Issues

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The following home modifications can be used for those dogs dealing with vision issues to help them to better function in their homes:

  • Make sure to fence off potential hazards, such as stairs or around a pool.
  • Use particular odors at doorways to help them navigate easier through their home.   This can be a small bowl of spices, a Q-tip or cotton ball infused with an essential oil, or a small bowl of potpourri.   Remember, a dog’s sense of smell is much stronger than ours, so it does not need to be very potent to be effective.
  • Another option to smells is to use different textures at transitions to other rooms.  Small area rugs and yoga mats can help the pet anticipate changes at doorways.
  • Place a bell at the door you use to take your pet out to potty, and teach them to ring it when they need to go out — this can give them a stronger sense of independence in the home.
  • Verbally teaching them “stay,” “step up,” “step down,” can help them navigate unfamiliar territory more safely.
  • Don’t move your furniture if at all possible.  This allows the dogs to develop a “mental map” of their house.
  • If the dog has a sudden loss of vision, or if they have to stay in an unfamiliar house/environment periodically, having them wear a Halo vest can help protect them if they bump in to objects.


Lisa Bedenbaugh, PT, CCRP

Canine Rehab Systems