Poop Patrol… Going the Distance for the Love of Dog

Please go the distance when picking up after your pet.   You did the heavy lifting when you brought the bag and scooped up the noxious excrement that oozed from your pup’s hind end.   That is a tremendous feat!!! Hooray for you!   Maybe a parade is in order!

But why stop there?  Why leave that perfectly knotted pouch of poo alongside the trail, on a rock or fence post, or hanging from a low hanging tree branch?  Take pride in your knot tying skills and show them to the world!  Take the credit!  We all know there is no magical Fart Fairy picking up these stink sacks for us.   I’m pretty sure that others using the trails don’t appreciate coming upon trash either.   Your dog isn’t “native” to the area.. so wildlife has issues with it too.

So, for the love of dog, please go the distance.  You can do this.  Pick it up, tie it up, and carry that bag to the finish line, aka Trash Can.   I have faith in your ability to serve as a role model to others.  Show them that this is part of what you sign up for when you bring a pet into your home.   If you can’t muster the strength to see it through, leave your dog home or hire a dog walker who has the stamina to go the distance on your behalf.

Make a difference.. one poop bag at a time!